I’m just another mum, writing just another blog as she tries to navigate her way through parenting. Though i had the added bonus (?) of getting to start this whole parenting thing four months early and that’s changed things one hell, hell, hell of a lot!

I write for me, but i like to think (hope?) that someone might read it and take away a thought, or a sentence that resonates. Breathe a sigh of relief at hearing their thoughts out loud on the page. Not just preemie/NICU mums, but anyone. With a hard road, a journey, a handful of grief. But maybe also with some happiness, excitement, or a bucketload of warmth.

It doesn’t matter how you’re doing it, it’s okay. No-one else knows what they are doing either.

Welcome to Charlie and Oliver. A little therapeutic snapshot into the parenting you hadn’t planned and sure as hell didn’t want.

You can also find me at 


Let’s give this a shot shall we?


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