No Scrubs.

And no, I’m not talking about the hospital at all today. Not even talking about prematurity!! 
It’s a liiiiiittle bit of a feminist-esque rant through the eyes of a mum. 

It’s 1999 and TLC are singing they don’t want no scrub…hanging out the passengers side of his best friends ride. 
17 years later and you’re still doing it boys. 

So I’m walking the other day, walking O to sleep because if you haven’t discovered this yet, prams are amazing sleep machines that knock your kid out in 5 minutes and guarantee a solid nap and save you 90 minutes of shushing and rocking the bassinet. 
And a car drove by and with it came the classic wolf whistle. 

Now I’m not wearing short shorts with my lovely post pregnancy butt cheeks sagging out the bottom because let’s just remember for a second that I put on 25kg in my pregnancy with these boys (and I only made it to 24 weeks, let’s NOT imagine the size of me had I made it to term!!!). I’m wearing 3/4 pants, and a nice loose singlet because what new mum wears tight clothes in the first 10 years of her child’s life, let’s be honest. 

I’ve always hated the wolf whistle. Maybe some people get a confidence boost from it, but honestly, these guys are driving past at 50-60km/hr, what they see at that speed is a bum and maybe if they quickly look back, a two boob blur in activewear. They don’t see your gorgeous skin or your stunning eyes ladies, let alone your humour, selflessness and uncanny speed at the rubix cube. 
So they whistled past and suddenly I realised I was really mad about it. 
On the one hand I truly feel like a lady pushing a pram is quite obviously a mum, and (not in all cases, I know, there are many amazing single mums – how do they do it?!!) in many cases a mum pushing a pram is also a mum with a partner or a husband. So already I felt like I shouldn’t be whistled at. I mean, I know, I’m hot AF and quite obviously a MILF. But no. I’m not whistle fodder.

But primarily I was mad because I have my son with me. I’m not on my own powering my way around the block, I’m pushing a pram with my precious little baby in it. And (yes I know he’s only 4/7.5 months but he’s avidly taking in his life lessons like the champ he is!!) you’re teaching him that it’s okay to whistle out of a car window at women. 

No, you can’t teach him that. 

You’re teaching him that women are only a physical thing, not a human being, something to look at and whistle at, rather than talk to and learn about. I want to teach my son to respect women. I want him to see women as more than just their bums and boobs. I want him to watch his dad treat his mum gently and respectfully everyday, and I want him to know that this is how all women should be treated. I want him to know that it’s degrading and it makes men look like shallow meatheads (I’m sure I’ll put it in much more eloquent wording for Oliver…). 

I don’t know who the guys think they are doing it for? The women? Themselves? Their friends? 
I think if you actually stopped to think about it you’d realise no one actually gets anything out of that whistle. 

What you should do in that car is stop and give way to people at courtesy crossings, let other cars in when it’s busy and save your rubbish until you stop at a bin. Teach the kids who watch you that being male is being kind and generous towards others, and that appreciating women is about more than just bums and boobs. Rant over. 



Author: rfclews

I'm just another mum trying to figure all of this out, with the added bonus of getting to start extra early, and well and truly on the back foot!

5 thoughts on “No Scrubs.”

    1. Oh thanks Kendra! If that ever happens (??!!) you’ll be first on the acknowledgements page for being pretty amazing yourself! And for epically getting me through that hospital marathon with those damn good chats girl.


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