An open letter to NICU mums. 

I wrote a little thank you to a couple of my closest friends from our time up there. And as I wrote it out I realised it could be for anyone. So I wanted to say a big thank you to every NICU mum out there in the big wide world. 
Thank you.

Thank you for being each other’s friends. 

Thank you for being the people we literally always vent with. 

Thank you for understanding. 

Thank you for bitching and moaning. 

Thank you for loving our miracle children, even when you may have never met them. 

Thank you for sharing yours. 

Thank you for making an altogether unbearable year that little bit more bearable. 

Thank you for helping each other keep expressing. (Side note, anyone see Santa while they were up tonight? Bet that’s the highlight of his night, all the mums with their boobs out!!).

Thank you for being shoulders for each other to cry on.

Thank you for showing each other the ropes.

Thank you for not talking.

Thank you for talking. 

Thank you for liking and disliking the same nurses and doctors as we did. 

Thank you for not comparing our miracle babies.

Thank you for being envious but still always happy for us when things went well. 

Thank you for putting our expressing equipment together for us when our hands shook too much. 

Thank you for only comparing our milk production in your head.

But thank you for understanding when we said it out loud. 

Thank you for the middle of the night, being there, awake. 

Thank you for all the times that we walked by each other in the corridor and for speaking when it was a time for it, and walking past when it wasn’t. 

Thank you for all the swearing. 

If I was a wish on a star for Christmas type person I’d wish for you all and your families to have a 2016 full of milestone hitting, full of normality, (but not too normal), full of smiles and love and I would wish that it was a year 100 million times better than this one. I would wish for you to have no reasons to cry. And wish for you to be able to leave a little bit of the heartbreak back in 2015. Lock it away in that year and throw away the key. 

Keep talking to each other. 

Especially now, as we roll into a new year and we all have a liiiiittle panic about that. 

Thank you NICU mums. 

All of you. 

Happy (?) Christmas, 

From a NICU mum. 



Author: rfclews

I'm just another mum trying to figure all of this out, with the added bonus of getting to start extra early, and well and truly on the back foot!

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